Wyke Archers on YouTube

We have a YouTube channel where we upload all our videos taken at our club sessions, nights out, or special events.

Archery GB

A whole series of videos has been produced by Archery GB on shooting a recurve bow. These can all be viewed on the AGB YouTube channel here. This is a great source of information, and we would advise all archers to watch them, as it underlines what we have already discussed at the club. See the example is below:

Alistair Whittingham

Alistair Whittingham (ex Team GB compound archer) has also produced a series of helpful videos that can be found on YouTube here. These cover both Recurve and Compound bow styles, and are well worth a watch. Some really great tips can be found in these videos (again an example can be seen below).

World Archery

World Archery have a set of instructional videos on YouTube too. These cover all the main parts of a bow and what they do.

World Archery have a basic introduction to shooting a Recurve Bow on their YouTube channel. A great guide as to what’s going on during as you shoot an arrow.
This is a super video from World Archery about Compound bows. A bow type that many archers move on to from shooting a Recurve bow.