Handicaps and Classifications

Archery GB has change the way classification are calculated.
These documents should put you on the right path until we can update this page properly.

Indoor Classification Tables

Outdoor Classification Tables Recurve

Outdoor Classification Tables Barebow

Outdoor Classification Tables Compound

Outdoor Classification Tables Longbow


They are no nonger as noted below.


An archery handicap is a number between 0 and 100, it indicates the ability of an archer, essentially the lower the handicap the better the archer. Every archer can have one outdoor handicap and a separate indoor handicap for each bow style they shoot. The Handicap tables are produced by Archery GB which gives a handicap for every possible score for every GNAS round irrespective of the archer’s age, gender or the bow style used. Our club Records Officer has a copy of the latest handicap tables and uses these to calculate a club member’s handicap figure.
The archery handicap system has three uses: 1) It helps archers to monitor their progress, 2) it enables scores to be compared between different rounds, 3) it enables archers of different abilities to compete on equal terms.

Archery GB Classification Badges/Awards.

Archery GB runs an award scheme every year during the summer season. This classification ranks archers in the UK by their skill level. We like to list our classification winners too, and these are shown at the bottom of this web page.

Handicap Improvement Medal

The National Handicap Scheme is administered by each participating Archery GB club of which Wyke Archers is one, and is open to all club members shooting outdoors. It is awarded to the club member who achieves the greatest handicap improvement over a calendar year and is theirs to keep until it is awarded again the following year.

Archery GB Qualifications

Wyke Archers take part in the Archery GB Classification Scheme which enables archers to be awarded badges signifying their current shooting standard. To qualify for a particular outdoor badge an archer needs to obtain appropriate scores in 3 rounds of the sport which must be at recognized club shoots or tournaments. The rounds need not be all the same, but must be shot in the same season. They do not however have to be shot consecutively.

For outdoor rounds, the classifications are:
3rd Class, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Bowman, Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman with suitable awards for Juniors.

Only Archery GB can award the top two levels of Grand Master and Master Bowman (both at senior and junior levels). Once you have recorded 3 scores at a certain level on a club target day or at a tournament you will be awarded a badge.

Archery GB Qualification Winners

NameYearHandicap Reduction
Finlay Clark201717 Points

Basic Rules

Our Records Officer must be made aware of any record attempt so the target size and distance can be checked. All submitted scores must have been verified by another club member at the time of the attempt, then the score sheet form handed to the club Records Officer for inclusion to these lists if the score is higher than the one currently recorded. You will be issued confirmation once your score has been entered into the club records. Scores sheet forms must be handed over at the end of the session to our Records Officer, and must be completed correctly to be valid. Smartphone scoring apps can also be used and details of which work best can be found on our downloads page (not all apps are suitable). Ask at the club if you require more details on smartphone use. Digital score sheets should be emailed to records@wykearchers.co.uk which is also the email address our Records Officer can be contacted on.

Further details of our club records can be gained from our Records Officer at any club session, just ask!

On our downloads page you will find a couple of Excel sheets you might find useful for keeping your own score records. There you will find a Score Sheet Calculator and a Personal Highest Score Record to keep on your own computer and update as you progress. We even have a supply of 40 sheet score pads that can be purchased from our Records Officer as every club session if you require one. The current cost is £1.50 per pad.