Helpful Documents

The following documents are intended to be useful guides and help sheets created by club members, for use by our members. We encourage all our archers to put down anything they think will be of assistance onto a Microsoft Word document and email it in to us. We’ll add our header, change the layout to standard club format and convert it to a PDF to be added here. We’ll even put your name on it if you want!

Other Downloads

Theses documents are not written by any of our club members. They are readily available pages from around the internet issued by manufactures or bodies to assist archers in finding the correct equipment, or getting the best out of what they have. If any member finds what they think would be a useful document elsewhere that they feel should be included here, please let us know.

Recurve Bow Equipment Tuning
Cartel Fletching Jig Instructions – we have a jig available for loan to all members who want to try fletching their own arrows.
Archery GB – A Guide to: Scoring and Tournaments