Club Badges

Within our club we like to encourage our members to push their skills and gain awards for doing so. Along with our club trophies, our members can win badges for various skills and tasks, some quite easy to win, others harder. What follows below are some of the badges that can be won, and for what reason.

252 Badge Award Scheme

The “252″ Awards is a badge scheme to encourage accuracy and good grouping at all distances, by all ages. Using a full size target face the aim is to score 252 or above with a limited amount of arrows, and at a set distance (members of Wyke Archers Juniors are give some bonus arrows to assist them in reaching the score). Those who successfully complete a distance and score the minimum required receive a certificate of confirmation and can also purchase a coloured pin badge to attach to their quiver. By request we now have a new full set of both Multi Bow 252 badges and Quad 252 badges. Multi Bow’s are obtained by members who gain a 252 award using two different bow types, and the Quad is awarded upon gaining the 252 using four different bow types. Full details can be found on our Wyke Archers 252 Badge Award Scheme document.

Standard 252 Badges

252 Multi Bow Badges

252 Quad Bow Badges

Full House Award Scheme

The “Full House″ Awards is an achievable badge scheme set up to encourage accuracy at a short distance and can be gained over our outdoor and indoor seasons. This is a challenge for all members of the club, both novices and experienced archers. The task to win the award is using 6 arrows, to score one arrow into each coloured ring on a standard target face at 20 yards distance. Line cutters count, so the arrow must land cleanly in each colour band. There are five coloured bands to hit: white, black, blue, red & gold, leaving one arrow as spare. These can be attempted with any bow style. There are four badges available in the scheme with each badge being won on decreasing size target faces, and these can be won in any order.
All winners are issued a Certifice in relation to the award won, the badges are also available to purchase when given the award for your quiver.

Full House Award 122cm

Full House Award 80cm

Full House Award 60cm

Full House Award 40cm

1st Competition Badge

Awarded to our club members following thier attendance of their first ever external archery competition. There are lots of local and regional compertitions hosted regularly all over our area. For those members who test themselves and join in, we offer this small token of recognition.

SAS Badge

Any archer who manages to take out the dead centre of the target face is awarded an SAS Badge. Not as easy as it sounds and our Records Officer is a stickler for making sure the arrow is truly dead centre and cleanly takes out the “X” for the badge to be won! Quite an achievement, and occasionally won accidentally by our new archers!

6 Gold End Badge

This exclusive badge is available to all members and is deliberately hard to win. Must be shot under competition rules with both the Club Line Captain and the Club Records Officer being made aware if you think you have achieved the minimum requirements. The target face is a 122cm standard FITA. Full details of the distances for bow and age groups as well as the complete rules for winning this exclusive badge are available to download.

Gamers Badge

We are always keen to encourse the social side of our club. To that end when some of our members said they were forming a group to play table top gaming, this badge was created. So now if any members join in, or form a group to play any sort of table top gaming or even online gaming, the badge will be issued.

Wyke Alcohol Appreciation Badge

100% Fun badge for our adult members. The task is to send into the club an image of their well stocked drinks cabinet* to be awarded the badge. Many of our members enjoy an alcoholic drink to relax occasionally and as a club that encourages the social side of life this badge was introduced.
*Alcohol should be drunk in moderation, and we are by no means encouraging its abuse with this badge.

Resident DJ Badge

During our indoor season, we play background music within the Sports Hall we use. This music is streamed to our player from some of our club members mobile phones. These members are recognised by the ownership of our Resident DJ badge.

Doh! Badge

Issued by our Records Officer or at the request of any club committee member. This badge is awarded to our more experienced archers who inadvertently do something in error. An example is: Taking the time to get all set up, doing the correct warm up exercises, and stepping on to the shooting line all prepared, then realising they have left their arrows in the kit bag! Classic Doh! badge candidate!!!

Photobomber Badge

With lots of trophies and badges to be won and awarded, it means we’ll have lots of winner pictures being taken. Can you manage to get into the background of a photograph? If a member does so, and its deamed good enough by our Records Officer, a badge will be issued. Great easy won badge for all our members.

Arrow Finder Badge

It is a fact of archery that we all miss sometime. Missed arrows on the archery field are mostly found straight away. However the odd arrow will lie very flat to the ground and get lost in the grass. This will mean you’ll see groups of archers shuffling over the field and swinging the metal detector arround looking for lost arrows. Any member who finds a “buried” arrow, could well be awarded our Arrow Finder Badge by our Records Officer.

Other Badges

We are always looking to introduce new awards within our club. There are more badges to be won and we’ll bring in new ones as needed.

Cake Baker Badge

A fun badge for our members to win this one, and very easy. Bring to a club session ANY home-made food cooked or baked by yourself and we’ll award the badge. We’re a family club, and who doesn’t like to have free food when you come to a club session? We even occasionally award a Star Baker badge too…

Bow Type Badges

We have a range of badges that are automatically issued to our archers depending on the bow or bows they own.
Ella’s Army Badge for Longbows. Wyke Timber Flingers for Flatbow & Horsebows (anything other than a Longbow that uses a wooden arrow). Gadgeteers Badge for Recurve bows. Dark Sider Badge for Compound Bows

Portsmouth Round

The most popular Indoor scoring round in the UK is the Portsmouth Round, and our club is no exception to this. The Portsmouth round is a real challenge to our members, and we issue badges depending on the archers highest score, with a total of 21 badges to be won.

The governing body for archery in the UK is Archery GB, formally known as GNAS (Grand National Archery Society) and it is they who formulated the different distances, size of targets and number of arrows, known as rounds, that UK clubs shoot at. Most Archery GB rounds are named after British cities with indoor rounds using the metric scoring system and outdoor using imperial, A Portsmouth round is shot at our club in 6 arrow ends with 1 end (6 arrows) of sighter’s and use metric scoring where the inner gold ring is worth 10 points and working out from the center each subsequent ring being worth 1 point less than the previous with the outer white ring being worth 1 point. Inside the 10 ring is a smaller one called the X ring. This ring is also worth 10 points but the number of X’s can be used to determine ties.

Badge Costs

As a thumb rule any badge for gaining a score (252’s, Full House, Portsmouth, etc) has a small charge of £2. These chargeable badges allow us to issue all the other badges free of charge as they are won!