Thank you for choosing to join our club!

Please take time to read the whole of this page as it will help you understand what the club can offer you.

Below is the key information you will need to get the most from your membership and to help you join in at the club sessions.
Above all remember that we were all new members once, so if you are unsure of ANYTHING, all you need to do is ASK ANYONE at the club and you’ll be pointed in the right direction!

Key Members

Owen Hillerby
Club Chairman & Seceratary

Mark Francis
Club Records Officer

Jess Herdsman
Club Treasurer

Tracey Sargeson
Social Media Officer

Beccy Avison
Club Welfare Officer

Peter Herdsman
Club Equipment Officer

Club Sessions

We run two sessions a week and you are welcome to attend either or both, whatever fits in with your week.

Friday Session: 6.30pm to 8.30pm
Sunday Session: 1.00pm to 3.00pm

Archery has two seasons, Summer & Winter.
Summer sessions are held on the sports field at the bottom of the car park, and the Winter sessions are held inside in the school Sports Hall. Both locations are noted on our printable pdf map.

Club Costs

All the costs you will need to pay for membership & Line Fees are noted on our Costs & Fees Page of our website.
Club Tops can be bought through the form linked on our website Members Page.
Some club badges are chargable at £2.00 each, but many are issued FREE!

On Site Facilities

We have full access to the toilet facilites (inc the disabled toilet) within the school. You will need the door access noted below to get through the school doors.
Initally we ask that a coach, committee member or our welfare officer guide to to the locations of the toilets so you get used to where they are, and you don’t get lost wandering the school looking for them! Especially our new junior members.

Secured Accesses

Now you are a full member we can give you the access password and codes you will need on our website and during the club sessions. Please make a note of these (we reccommend recoding these on your phone) as you will need them at the club.

Club website Members Page: sixgoldend
Padlock on the storage container: 1718
Door access to the school during club sessions: #1718

Club Website

Our club website should answer alot of the usual questions we get asked. You can find the costs & fees, who’s who on the committee, the club rules & policies, trophies & badges that can be won, and lots of other information. Please spend some time looking at the pages of the site when you can as they will help you. Some of the key pages to look at are noted below.

Members Page
You will need access to the club members page on our website as this is secured by a password (noted above). The page has links to our treasurer for payments, the club clothing order form, info on the recommended scoring apps for your phone, the access to our What’s App group so you can communicate with us all while not at the club and music playlist used during our indoor sessions. Also the club policies, rules & safety documents, as well as the full indoor & outdoor scoring information.

Club Committee
Here you will find a list of the full club management members. These committee members are voted in every year at our Annual General Meeting. Any member can ask to be on the club committee, and it’s this group who make the club what it is! We highly encourage our members to get involved as much as they can, so if there is a role you see that you might be interested in, please let us know.

Awards & Badges Page
Lots awards & badges can be won as a member, have a good look as some of these need little or no skill to win them (hint: Cake Baker badge is a good one to start with).

Trophies Page
We have many trophies that can be won, both by new archers and more advanced archers. Have a look, is there one you fancy trying for?

Club Equipment

As a full member, you have access to all our club owned equipment. All the bows in the container (if not being used by the coaches) are availble for the first 6 weeks following the end of a beginner course are free to use. Following this initial period a loan charge will be made (check with our club treasurer on the cost).

Additionally the items listed below are available free of charge for up to 7 days if not needed by the club. If you wish to loan any of these please let our Treasurer or Chairman know so we can sign them out to you.

Spotting Scope

4x Camping Chairs

Accubow Training Bow


15ft x 15ft Gazebo/Event Shelter

Tyre Pump/Compressor

Go Pro Camera

Fletching Jig

Electric Soup Kettle

Canon DSLR Camera

Metal Detector

Additional Coaching

Now you are a full member, we’ll leave you alone to get used to the club and to continue shooting with our other members. If you need advice, look to the archers that shoot the same bow as you and question them. Our club coaches will always help you too. If you would like some 1 on 1 additional tuition, this can also be arranged and you should discuss this with our Treasurer who will explain the cost and arrange with a coach to allocate a session or sessions to work with you. We really want you to enjoy your archery, so do seek advice where you can find it and remember our What’s App chat is a great place to ask questions away from the club.

Bow Tuning

When you get your own bow, the supplier should set that up for you. As time progresses and you add and take away items to your bow, it will benefit from additional tuning. We can of course assist with this. Occasionally we’ll run a session on tuning at the club, but if you would like some direct assistance, speak to our Treasurer who will explain the cost and arrange with a coach to show you how to tune your bow.

Buying Your Own Equipment

Time to get your own kit or just eager to spend money? No, not yet!… Use the club kit for a little while longer. Use this to figure our what bow type you are comfortable shooting and which you would wish to buy. Then speak to any club coach or our Equipment Officer who will help advise on the correct bow size, poundage and arrow lengths suitable for you. Armed with this information you can then visit any supplier who will kit you out. We recommend visiting the suppliers below, mention our club and they will look after you!

Black Ridge Archery

Custom Built Archery
Eakring, Nottingham

Merlin Archery
County Duram

How To Know What’s Happening

The best way is to keep an eye on our social media streams for club updates. We’ll email directly to you the important stuff, but the day to day things that happen can be found on our social media as well as upcoming events. At the very least we recommend you join our What’s App group by scanning or clicking on the QR code as the club discuss all sorts on there.

Bringing Guests With You

If you are attending as a member with others to watch you shoot (Parents, or other guests), this is fine. The rules are that guests MUST stay behind the waiting line at all times and not interact with you while shooting (only club coaches are able to approach archers on the shooting line to offer guidance). This is a key safety point.

Indoor Sessions we have benches they can use to sit on, and Outdoors we recommend bringing collapsible garden chairs (although we do have some available). When actively shooting, your bow should be on its stand on the waiting line, but it should remain there if you step off to speak to your guests so not to become a trip Hazzard. Only when you are ready to take down your equipment or for repair/maintenance should your bow be removed from the waiting line.

If you are an Adult member who has been shooting for at least 6 months, you can have a guest attend and shoot alongside you. Please seek instruction from any club committee member in regards to the rules on this as it depends on the archery skills of the guest you wish to attend with you.